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Online Enbridge/Enercare Satisfaction Survey leads to…An Error

I recently had a maintenance call for my furnace from Enbridge/Enercare in Toronto, Canada. In the end they sent me an online survey of a couple of questions, which I dutifully answered. This resulted in this error message. It looks like a database insertion error.

An unexpected error has occurred!
Error Message: Invalid index (parameter 2) passed to Row function. Index must be less than or equal to the row count. Index Value: 1 Row Count: 0 Function: row(@rows,1)

Description: An unexpected error occurred during the execution of the page.

Little Giant Furnace Water Pump: Overhaul

Little Giant 554405 VCMA-15 non-submersible condensate pump

Little Giant 554405 VCMA-15 non-submersible condensate pump

Awoke, we did, to a puddle at the foot of our basement stairs. Water. Perchance Little Weed had spilled a very large glass of water? Surely not. It turned out that our furnace water pump was no longer pumping. A repair was in order, and fast. Here is how I cleaned out the pump. It now works.