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Importing Table Data from the Web to a Spreadsheet

It is not very difficult once you know how:

  1. highlight and copy ctrl-c your web table
  2. open your spreadsheet, paste ctl-v into the spreadsheet
  3. you may have headers you want to delete, remove the whole row
  4. you can also delete any columns, remove the whole column
  5. to remove images: home > find & select > go to special > objects. All images will be selected, delete
  6. then you can manipulate your spreadsheet
  7. save your spreadsheet

To highlight an area, click on the top left box, manipulate to the bottom right box, hit shift enter

Notepad++ Plugin Descriptions: Plainly and Simply

Today I was looking for a code editor and happened upon an article that recommended NotePad++. So I begin to install version 5.1.4, and not far along the install I was offered a number of optional plugins that had no explanation. It took me quite a while to find out what all these options did. Here is a summary:

NPPTextFX: A free open-source text transform plugin © 2005-2006 by Chris Severance (GNU GPL) for Notepad++