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Aquaclear Power Filter Customization

Fanboy, I am, on the Aquaclear (AC) line of aquarium power filters, specifically the AC20 to AC70 line. Not only are they reliable and serviceable, they are very flexible and easy to tailor to your specific tank needs. While there are some issues with noise, if you do regular filter maintenance you will be rewarded with stellar performance. There are a few customizations you can do that will make these filters even more flexible.

Goldfish and Tank Fundamentals for the Newby

Little Weed has decided to raise goldfish, and has dragged me in for technical support. I have not kept fish since I was his age, so know almost nothing. It has been an interesting learning experience, delving into a subject matter that is completely foreign to me. Still, as a quick study in anything, I am learning fast. Research has always been my strong point, and keeping an aquarium is no exception. Here are some hints and tips. Once set up an aquarium is really not much work to maintain and it really does a good job of humidifying your house!

Search Engine Retest: Google is Better

Call it part of my personality, but I like to be thorough. I also like to have proof of some statement, even if proof is difficult or impossible to come by. When scientific double blind studies are not possible, I don’t mind having a sliding scale of proof where a little proof is better than no proof at all. I dislike old wive’s tales and relish when Mythbusters does their show. A case in fact is my reliance on Google as a search engine. Of course all my knowledgeable friends rely on Google as much as I do, and it’s the best search engine that I’ve used, but it’s far from perfect. Today I wondered if Yahoo’s search engine, the one I used to use long ago, had improved enough to rival Google. The skinny is that Google still is the best for my research, but don’t write off Yahoo either.