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Honda Fit Car 6MT 2016: Replace Clutch Interlock Switch

My Honda Fit six speed manual transmission 6MT has been very reliable these last 5 years. It is fuel efficient, the magic seats helps hauls stuff really well, and is very reliable. Recently when I’ve tried to start the car, I’d press the clutch, turn the key and the car would not start. If I fiddled with the clutch, up and down, it would then start. I’d charge the battery and even then the problem persisted. Pressing the clutch down before starting the car is a safety feature, so that if the car does start it does not accidentally lurch forward. This is a safety feature. The clutch interlock switch is depressed by the clutch, and the car starts. This is how to replace your clutch interlock switch.

2016 Honda Fit Oil Change, Splash Shield

2016 Honda Fit, after removal of the splash shield, The oil filter is blue, the oil drain plug is more rearward. Toronto, Canada. Photo by Don Tai

2016 Honda Fit, after removal of the splash shield, The oil filter is blue, the oil drain plug is more rearward. Toronto, Canada. Photo by Don Tai

My 2016 Honda Fit told me it needed an oil change. This is my first oil change. In order to do an oil change I needed to remove the splash shield. The splash shield covers the bottom of the engine bay from road debris and dirt. Because the Fit only has 5.5″ of space under the splash shield, I needed to make ramps in order to gain more space under the Fit. Convoluted for the first oil change, yes, but hopefully much easier for the second oil change.

2015-2017 Honda Fit DIY Wooden Ramps

2016 Honda Fit on DIY wooden 2x10 ramps. Toronto, Canada, Photo by Don Tai

2016 Honda Fit on DIY wooden 2×10 ramps. Toronto, Canada, Photo by Don Tai

I do love the car, but my 2016 Honda Fit does have some “beauty spots”. Going to the dealer, like others have, may have resulted in parts of the car not being reinstalled correctly, and then falling off. If the splash shield was designed properly I would have probably considered going to the dealer.

2016 Honda Fit vs Mouse: Toronto Canada

Surprised, I was, that mice seem to really like my 2016 Honda Fit, in Toronto, Canada, and I am not alone. There was evidence of infiltration into the car, and I was not willing to give them a pass. Vermin, tell your friends.

2016 Honda Fit: 4, Mouse: 0

It seems like in their efforts to improve ecology the Honda engineers have opted to use soy based coating on electrical cables, foam, and other items that used to be plastic-based. There are numerous complaints of mice eating away at electrical systems, causing much heartache to car owners.

2016 Honda Fit Rear Splash Guards Install

Not being one to was the car often, I’ve opted to install rear splash guards. They will keep the rear of the car cleaner, as there will be less splash up of water and snow. The front splash guards came with the car. As all Canadian Fits already come with front splash guards I only had to install the rear ones. I did not need to remove the rear tires to install the splash guards, but did need a really short philips screwdriver. Here in Canada these rear splash guards cost $61CAD for the pair. The quality of the splash guards is quite good. The fit was also great.