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Chinese Tourist to New Zealand: Visa Requirements for Business Owners

My friend from China is going to visit Australia as a tourist and wishes to also visit New Zealand. She owns her own business. This makes it very difficult to get a New Zealand tourist visa, as thee is a requirement for business owners:

If you own your own company, we require the following:

  • Business licence with capital verification report
  • Statement about the business scope and the number of employees Recent business tax returns with income statement Recent bank documents showing daily business transactions


China’s Tactics of Influence in Foreign Countries

China is a sovereign country, the same as any other independent and the world must respect this. What is unique about China is their willingness to use any means to exert their influence far beyond Chinese jurisdiction. I see that here in Canada, but there are reports of the same tactics being used in Australia and New Zealand.

Tactics include:
Funding education programs that have a pro-Chinese viewpoint
There is great concern here in Canada about their funding tactics. While it is great to encourage the study of Mandarin language, China is using this platform to teach a pro-Chinese viewpoint to very young kids. More than worrisome, this is meddling in the internal affairs of Canada. The Toronto District School Board had signed an agreement with this group, but the decision was reversed.