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Kodi Media Player: Chinese TV

The entertainment space in the world is getting larger and larger. We dropped cable a couple of years ago and use Over the Air (OTA) digital tv. We are not supplementing this with internet video streaming. Yes, you can go directly to Youtube and stream whatever, but there is also another way: the Kodi Media Player. Using Kodi I can now stream live Chinese tv to Canada, when I want.

Kodi: Chinese Language Mandarin Broadcast Status: 2017 July 06
CNTV Live / CCTV, China

Terk MFTV1A Indoor Antenna: Disassembly

Terk MFTV1A Omnidirectional OTA TV antenna. I will use it outdoors on my antenna mast

Terk MFTV1A Omnidirectional OTA TV antenna. I will use it outdoors on my antenna mast

My existing “Over The Air” broadcast TV antenna, an Antennas Direct DB4e, has a range of about 60º, but my house here in Toronto, Canada is situated with TV stations in the range of 70-80º. However I point my antenna, either I drop stations from the east in Buffalo, or west in Hamilton. Smack in the middle of my range are the overly strong stations of Toronto, which can overpower weaker stations. I am attempting to use a Terk MFTV1A indoor omnidirectional antenna, installed outdoors on my antenna mast, to increase my antenna range to beyond 60º.

Over the Air TV in Canada, and American Society

Since installing an over the air (OTA) antenna and getting a digital TV here in Toronto, Canada, we have been somewhat out of the reach of the Canadian government’s CRTC legislation because we can now watch U.S. TV without mandatory Canadian content commercials. This new tool, American TV, has given me some new insights of our American neighbours.

Race: Clear in American TV is the predominance of Blacks and the lack of multiculturalism we have here in Toronto. Neither good nor bad, this black/white split is simply different and certainly does not reflect my neighbourhood nor Toronto. Watching US TV is like visiting a foreign country, which it is.

Over the Air TV Review: Toronto, Canada

I gave Rogers the heave ho, for both cable and internet, and feel better for it. Scummy, predatory, their service was. Over the air TV has replaced cable. It is not what we are used to, but saves us over $70 each month. Overall I would say that we are much better off without Rogers cable.

Over the air (OTA) TV is not all fantastic, though I did not know all the disadvantages and underestimated the advantages. I will discuss all I learned. With OTA we get 17 channels, which includes a couple of duplicate HD and SD channels, a French channel, though it comes in stunning HD, and a religious channel, also in stunning HD.