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Purposeful Forgetfulness: CoVid-19 Numbers Climb but No Ontario Government Policy Changes

Sometimes you see old people purposely forget things, or purposely do what they are advised not to do. They know what they are doing, but use any excuse to not do it. I understand. They have the right to make decisions for their own life. As CoVid-19 indicators climb here in Toronto and Ontario, I see a purposeful forgetfulness permeating the ether. Government is looking the other way as the indicators worsen.

When indicators were receding the Ontario government was keep to use this as evidence, to bolster its direction to loosen all CoVid-19 mandates. An election is within 2 months, so there is impetus to not annoy voters. This does not protect public health.

The Public Policy of Living with CoVid-19 in Ontario

The transition of public policy to “Living with CoVid-19” has been publicly announced. While it is coming, the implications are not yet known. What does “Living with CoVid-19” really mean? I am trying to figure this out, as there is scant honest information that I have gleaned from the news.

The Transition of CoVid-19 from Pandemic to Endemic

It has been over two years since CoVid-19 has blighted the earth. From Wuhan, China, it spanned out all over the earth, reproducing and growing, maiming and killing people. The race between CoVid-19 strains results in the winner finding ever better ways of infecting humans and animals. The other strains die off. Much has been done to blunt the sword of Covid-19, but now we are at a point where we’ve chosen to live with the virus instead of trying to eradicate it. CoVid-19 is formidable and is here to stay.

The Slow but Sure Degradation of Ontario’s Healthcare System by CoVid-19

You could see it coming from a long way: Omicron will overrun the Ontario healthcare system. While the system usually works for us in normal times. It’s internal partial collapse is imminent. The cascade of partial failure is very evident, and will continue until Omicron passes. We can only hope that another variant will not emerge. It is clear that we, as advanced as we think we are, are at the mercy of this little, persistent, virus. We could have done more, I think, but that may not have prevented the collapse.

A Brave Scientist Says that CoVid-19 Might be Pre-Adapted for Humans – Hell Breaks Loose

Very brave, Alina Chan is. She postulates a theory that CoVid-19 might be “pre-adapted” for humans, and then gets lambasted from the for and against sides by fellow scientists and others on the internet. I am surprised that scientists would judge her work so harshly, even though she just puts out the theory and is searching for proof

Caught in the Crossfire Over Covid’s Origins: Alina Chan suggested last year that the coronavirus was “pre-adapted” to humans. Critical reaction was swift and harsh.

Two Different Country Viewpoints on Dealing with CoVid-19: Strict Lockdown or Economic Balance

The 2019 CoVid-19 pandemic has not ended, and may not end for many a month, even years. While it is difficult look to the past for guidance and then to look forward with any certainty, we still need to try. There are two country strategies that I see in the world: 1) All-out zero tolerance containment, and 2) balance between public health and country economy. It is with certainty that the pandemic has decimated world economies. The question is what strategy is best suited to get out of this pandemic.

The Pandemic in Toronto: Going Poorly

It looks like a true failure of leadership, here in Toronto. We trust in our provincial leaders and they have let us down. Instead our infection rates are fast rising, with very little holding them back. Yet it is difficult to understand the rise, as the government is not very transparent with the infection data.

We do know that:

Swiss Cheese Respiratory Virus Pandemic Defense Model

Swiss Cheese Respiratory Virus Pandemic Defense model, version bu Ian Mackay

Swiss Cheese Respiratory Virus Pandemic Defense model, version bu Ian Mackay

This model is simple yet comprehensive, and excellent for comprehension. I first read about this The Swiss Cheese Model of Pandemic Defense, which also has a short interview. Pandemic information, especially in the US, seems muddled in politics, with Trump having an irresponsible disdain for science and the infection. Dr Mackay’s illustration should go far to dispelling negative information on CoVid-19 pandemic control.

Pope Francis: A Crisis Reveals What Is in Our Hearts

Pope Francis: A Crisis Reveals What Is in Our Hearts

To come out of this pandemic better than we went in, we must let ourselves be touched by others’ pain.

By Pope Francis
Pope Francis is the head of the Catholic Church and the bishop of Rome.

Nov. 26, 2020, 5:00 a.m. ET

In this past year of change, my mind and heart have overflowed with people. People I think of and pray for, and sometimes cry with, people with names and faces, people who died without saying goodbye to those they loved, families in difficulty, even going hungry, because there’s no work.

Doom: Into the depths of a Depression

The writing on the wall was easy to see, but it is still nevertheless difficult to fathom. This corona virus CoVid-19 has walloped our health and our economy, and now that it is out in the wild, there’s little we can do to prevent further damage. We are in for a terribly rocky ride.

Going on 7 months now, the lockdown we had to endure has decimated our economy. There was a virtual standstill of life. Wide swaths of the economy have ground to a halt, destroying companies in its wake.