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How to Get a Visa for China: Toronto

Unforseen circumstances forced us to get a Chinese visa in a rush, here in Toronto. The experience left us a bit shell shocked, bewildered and traumatized. So that others do not experience the same, I’ll blog our travails.

Google “China visa Toronto” and you’ll get a couple of companies that claim they can do your Chinese visa. They are correct, but might charge you over double the cost. There is really only one way to get a visa for China, through VisaForChina.org and if you have sufficient lead time and follow certain steps you can reduce the amount of trauma you experience.

Paper Bags for Yard Waste: Ineffective

Sometimes one sees a well accepted solution that simply does not work. Having the public purchase large paper bags in order to dispose of yard waste is at best a bad idea and at worst simply a waste of money. Yet here in Toronto, Canada, these bags are almost universally used for yard waste.