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Fake DMCA Copyright Infringement Notices

I’m getting these fake DMCA infringement notices asking me to download some random file. Two are from a US accounting firm and one is from Netsuite. They stink to high heaven of scam. Do not click and download their link. It is probably a virus of some kind. Going through some of my websites as comments is new, but the methods are old.

I’ll probably add more as they come in. So far from: Mailchimp.com, intuit.com, zoho.com, netsuite, xero, freshbooks.com

From: Kenneth
Subject: *.ca Dmca Copyright Infringement Notice 2022 May 24

Message Body:

Is Contractor Review Site Homestars.ca a Scam?

Authentic they do look, and my neighbour got suckered in. He found a roofer on their recommendation than may be less than legit. As with all things internet, it is buyer beware.

Even a cursory search for “homestars scam” on Google search shows a lot of mixed comments. it seems like contractors pay $150/month to Homestars and they get favourable reviews. When I say “favourable” I mean really stupendous reviews. This is what tweaked my curiosity. When reviews are gushing over a roofer’s services, I am a little suspicious. Site over site on Google have complaints about Homestars. If you are looking for a contractor in Canada, please use other means than Homestars. You may be scammed by their fake reviews.

Email Phishing Scam: Online Air Canada Ticket Purchase

She phoned me in a tizzy: Someone had used her credit card to purchase an Air Canada ticket for $375CAD, and the flight was leaving in a couple of days. What to do? Firstly, is to calm down and not have a cow. To be safe, check your credit cards. The next step is to scrutinize the email to see if there are some illegitimate pieces of info in it. Is this really a risk or just a spam/phishing scam?

Here is her email:

From: Air Canada [mailto:tickets@aircanada.com]
Sent: February-17-14 9:05 AM
Subject: Your Order # FF6F57 - PROCESSED
Importance: High

Jury Duty in Toronto, Canada

Democracy in Canada does not usually directly affect individuals in our society. Usually it is when something goes awry that one sees democracy in action. I guess we take democracy for granted, until it is somehow revoked. Some people look for trouble and get arrested, while the rest of us lead law abiding lives and stay out of trouble. For the average citizen jury duty breaks the veneer of average living and brings democracy to the fore. Jury duty is when your average citizen is called to potentially be selected as a juror for a court case. Mandated by law and therefore mandatory for all citizens over 18 years old, citizens are randomly selected for jury duty, and again randomly selected to become an actual juror. In a world of technology, where certainty and sharp contrasts prevail, I found this randomness surprisingly refreshing.