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City of Toronto Gym Opening: L’Amoreaux Community Center

It has been 5 months since I was able to work out at my community center gym. Today 2020 Aug 17 the Toronto public gyms reopened, but with significant changes. Overall I felt that the City of Toronto did a really good job in infection control and cleanliness, considering pandemic circumstances.

Though I have been strength training at home, I don’t have the weights required to get a good pump and build strength, so it has only been maintenance. Working out at home, which will continue (I will explain) is a bit boring and at times very difficult for motivation. Still, when you have no other options a home workout must do.

What Can Fitness Change, Go Do Fitness, Wechat: Translation

Weixin photo from Jianshen Qu Ba, unknown origin, complete article

Weixin photo from Jianshen Qu Ba, unknown origin, complete article

China is a separate world and becoming even more distant. This is especially true with the internet. Wechat 微信 is part of China’s social media and a very good example. Their information ecosystem, heavily monitored and censored by the government, is often smartphone ecosystem, and not web site based. I occasionally monitor Chinese social media and often read some of their articles.

While the content can be very good, for fitness articles they almost always use white models. I find this very strange. There are more than enough jacked Chinese guys and beautiful Chinese women in Asia. The photos also have no sources.

Why You Should Lift Weights at the Gym: Sarcopenia

Sarcopenia, a decline in skeletal muscle with age, is inevitable. I have experienced symptoms of this and have then taken measures, which includes weight lifting. It has helped a lot.

Preventing Muscle Loss Among the Elderly

2010 Aug 31 Doctors Seek Way to Treat Muscle Loss

Causes of the loss of muscle mass or strength might include hormonal changes, sedentary lifestyles, oxidative damage, infiltration of fat into muscles, inflammation and resistance to insulin. Some problems stem from the brain and nervous system, which activate the muscles.

Experts say the best approach to restoring or maintaining muscle mass and strength is exercise, particularly resistance training.