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Thoughts on Positioning after Retinal Detachment Surgery

A gas bubble will be injected into your eye after retinal detachment surgery. This gas bubble will press the detached retinal area back into your eyeball, sort of like an internal clamp. The surgeon takes advantage of the gas bubble’s property of floating upwards, opposite of gravity. This is where the purposeful “positioning” of your head angle and its importance comes into play. Your surgeon will tell you how to position your head in order to have the gas bubble push on a specific part of your eye that he wants to clamp in place.

Cataract Surgery for a High Myopia Monovision Patient, Toronto, Canada: Log

I am a high myopia patient wearing glasses, in Toronto, Canada, and it was time for me to have cataract surgery. As a monovision user I’ve long had one eye focused on near reading and computer work, and the other eye focused on far distance. This strategy has worked out well for me, with no perceived loss of function. Here’s my cataract intraocular (IOL) surgery journey notes.

Cataract Surgery Lens IOL Options: Simple Explanation and Notes

When you age, your body gets older and parts begin to wear out. This cannot be disputed for eyes. Over time the eye become inflexible, it will be harder to read fine print, your lens will cloud over and will need to be replaced. This is called cataract surgery.

New Experience, a Bit Dreamy: The Middle Cut

Small, but still an operation, left me with a bit of fear of the unknown. I welcome new experiences, be they good or bad. Odd, is it not?

The wait was not overly taxing, but a bit long. I tried deep breathing, but in the end this did not lower my BP. Still, I did not have anxiety within my thoughts. I moved from one waiting area to another. The ear protection helped me block out the busy and unfamiliar outside stimulus. I had prepared well.