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static.vdc.vn: Research, Ban

static.vdc.vn is regular content scraper, but it did POST to me and left its IP address. I have been trying to track this one down for a while, but it uses such a wide variety of IP addresses that this is difficult. I could ban large ranges but this would also ban a wide swath of Vietnam, which I do not wish.

static.vdc.vn 2017-feb-27
static.vdc.vn 2016-nov-03
static.vdc.vn 2017-jan-14
static.vdc.vn 2016-nov-22
static.vdc.vn 2016-oct-31
static.vdc.vn 2017-jan-18
static.vdc.vn 2016-dec-27
static.vdc.vn 2017-feb-20
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-dec-26
dynamic.vdc.vn 2017-jan-30
dynamic.vdc.vn 2017-jan-23
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-dec-18
dynamic.vdc.com.vn 2017-jan-22
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-oct-21
dynamic.vdc.vn 2017-feb-08
dynamic.vdc.vn 2017-jan-09
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-nov-21
dynamic.vdc.vn 2016-nov-25
static.vdc.vn 2016-nov-03
static.vdc.vn 2016-dec-23
static.vdc.vn host name actual

Strange Host Names that I Cracked

These host names try hard to evade detection of their IP addresses, in order to scrape content and sometimes break into from web sites. They have specifically scraped mine and so I hunted them down and banished them. Often times the unix host command returns nothing, so research is required. This usually works.