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Computer and Smartphone Security in Repressive Countries

Computer and Smartphone Security in Repressive Countries | 电脑和手机安全手册在压迫国家

Links and copies are AGAIN online. I’ll post when I receive an update. Vietnamese has been added 现在可以下载。要是文章要改变,我有最新版的时一会给你下载。 Updated 2018 June 17

These security documents for computers and smartphones are useful if: 这个关于电脑和手机安全手册是好用的要是:

  • your country can confiscate, investigate and interrogate your devices at will。
  • 你国家可以随意没收,调查和询问您的电脑和手机
  • your country can force or coerce you to give up your passwords
  • 你的国家可以强制或胁迫你放弃你的密码

These documents are not mine but belong to practicaldigitalprotection.com, a project of Safeguard Defeners. I am only safeguarding and promoting the documents for those who need them. Having read these documents I believe they are important enough to the world to keep a safe copy. I do not know the names of the owners of these documents, nor do I want to know, for their and my safety. If and when these documents are changed, I will replace them with their updated versions.

static.cmcti.vn: Research, Ban

static.cmcti.vn tried to do some security funny business and was testing my security. I was curious so did research.

static.cmcti.vn is anything but static. In fact there is a lot of research on this host name. It seems this guy has been very active and has changed IPs on a very regular basis.

As Viet Nam is an emerging country I’m unsure about banning large swaths of IP ranges.

static.cmcti.vn comment spammed me and I now have a positive IP to ban.
static.cmcti.vn 2016-sept-23 static.cmcti.vn 2016-oct-19 static.cmcti.vn 2016-nov-04 static.cmcti.vn 2017-feb-13

vnpt.vn Content Scraper: Research, Ban

static.vnpt.vn does not resolve as a host name, and as they scraped me I will track them down. They are pretty tricky. One of their tactics is that they use the host name “localhost”, which looks odd in the access log. Tech staff cannot find the actual IP address.

As I work with these IP ranges it is clear that this content scraper is doing a real detriment to Viet Nam. The use of his IPs would force me to pretty much ban the whole country. As an emerging country this would be very bad for Viet Nam, all for the greed and selfishness of a single bot maker. I know that there are no morals with stealing content, as with thieves, but at this stage of Viet Nam’s development this bot maker could easily damage the country.