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Drupal 6 AboutPeople Theme and FCKeditor Goes Black on Black

Problem: After installing the AboutPeople theme and FCKeditor on Drupal 6.9, when the editor is invoked its editor window background is black and the text colour is black, not allowing you to see what you’re writing.

Solution: This is not a problem of the theme or the module, but an unfortunate consequence of their interaction.

Here the fix.
Summary: Go into FCK Editor, change the default style sheet, which is “use theme CSS”, to the “FCKeditor default” style sheet, and the background will turn white, allowing you to see what you’re typing.

First try with Drupal on Site5

So my plan is to eventually migrate my website DonTai.com from Doteasy to Site5. I’ll use Drupal on Site5. Originally I wanted to get Drupal running on Site5, and then change my domain registrar. This way I don’t get any downtime on my site, not that this matters.

Interestingly, using Fantastico it was very easy to create a Drupal web site in my root directory. Fine. Unknown to me is the fact that the Drupal site is configured to http://dontai.com, which still points to my original site on Doteasy. I therefore cannot get to the new Drupal site using my domain name.

Summer comes in winter, from Site5

I was researching all day on the web, hard at work looking at some new-to-me web technology and where it might lead the world. It’s all part of the fantastic world of web 2.0. There’s a 15% off sale for web hosting at Site5 that ends today. Dave says Site5 is good, and from what I’ve read they seem great. I sign up and in the middle of the transaction I wasn’t clear on an issue and clicked to the previous screen, when Summer popped up on my screen and cheerfully upped my discount to 20% off. Whoa, was I surprised, in the middle of my kitchen. Here she is.