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Chinese Maps Compare: Google, 360, Sougou, Baidu 中国地图比较: 谷歌, 360, 搜狗, 百度

Maps, I do like. Not only are they pretty, they are pretty useful, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area. Map and compass in hand, you can walk at your leisure and not get lost, or at least be able to get help from the locals when you do. But which maps are the best for China? I thought I’d do a map slugfest, comparing Google (line and satellite), 360, Sougou and Baidu. I chose 150 meters of Shandong, Changdao on Jiefang (Liberation) Road as an example.

我喜欢地图。 除了很漂亮意外, 它们也很好用,特别要是你对这个地方不熟悉。 地图和指南针zai 手里你可以随便走路不怕迷路, 或者一迷路可以让本地人给你帮忙。 在中国哪个地图最好呢? 我想比较, 用谷歌 (线的和卫星的), 360, 搜狗 和百度比较。 我选择了150米的山东长岛的解放路来比如。

Understanding the Chinese Justice System, 2013

Driven by a sense of futility with the Chinese justice system and willing to kill himself and others, motorcycle taxi driver Ji Zhongxing went to the Beijing Airport from his home town of Heze, Shandong Province and tried to blow himself up with a home made bomb. Seemingly a rare occurrence of such cases in China, was this guy just a crackpot that blew his lid, or does this point to a deeper and troubling issue in Chinese society? Let us consider the Chinese perspective.