Imperial Sewing Machine Model 562 User Manual

Imperial sewing machine Model 562 for sale on Kijiji in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Imperial sewing machine Model 562 for sale on Kijiji in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Since I became the self-appointed custodian of Imperial sewing machine information on the Internet I have had a slew of great posts and comments that have helped a lot of people with their old machines. This is how the internet should work: To reach out and help others learn what you know. A reader has sent me her user manual for the Imperial sewing machine, model 562, and I thank her for her contribution.

This manual is not mine, but Violeta’s original manual, graciously scanned for us. As with the Imperial Sewing Machine Model 535 user manual from Gord Bestwick, this manual is available from here as a free for non-commercial download. Please do not pay anyone for it.

As stated, this document is provided free for non-commercial use. If you have information on the Imperial 562 that would be a good addition to this manual or to my blog post, feel free to contact me.

Table of Contents

Feature and Parts
Needle-Thread-Fabric Stitching Guide
Inserting the Needle
1. To Wind the Bobbin
Threading the Bobbin Case
Placing Bobbin Case in Shuttle
Upper Threading Single Needle
Upper Threading Twin Needle
Straight Stitching
Setting the Stitch Length
Sewing in Reverse
Adjusting the Tensions
Feeding of Fabric
Adjusting Pressure
Preparing to Sew
Removing the Work
Embroidery Sewing
Manual Zig Zag Patterns
Single-Needle Zig Zag Patterns
Twin-Needle Zig Zag Patterns
Blind Stitch Hem
Making Button Holes
Sewing on Buttons
Embroidering With a Hoop
Narrow Hemmer
Sewing Braids
To use the Cloth Guides
The adjustable cording and zipper foot
Sewing in a Zipper
Cleaning and Oiling the Shuttle
How to Oil your Machine
How to Replace the Light bulb
Checkup for smooth sewing
Imperial sewing machine model 562 zig zag, sold at Eatons in Canada in 1965 for $130CAD, or ~$970CAD in 2013. Ad in Eaton's Christmas Catalogue 1965

Imperial sewing machine model 562 zig zag, sold at Eatons in Canada in 1965 for $130CAD, or ~$970CAD in 2013. Ad in Eaton’s Christmas Catalogue 1965

I found this Imperial in the Eaton’s Christmas catalogue 1965 for $140CAD, which would translate, with inflation to $970CAD in 2013. That is one expensive sewing machine. New sewing machines today normally retail for $150, though arguably they are not as made as well. No doubt that in 1965 a sewing machine of this kind was a significant investment. See the complete set of ads at Collections Canada, Eatons Christmas Catalogue 1965.

Today this Imperial Model 562 might be bought used for ~$50CAD. These machines might be old but they work exceedingly well. Just mind your back, because they are made of steel and are quite heavy. With this user manual, some reading, maintenance and oil your machine should last at least another 50 years.

Download here by right click and then “Save Link As” -> Imperial sewing machine Model 562 user manual, part 1, Imperial sewing machine Model 562 user manual, part 2

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14 thoughts on “Imperial Sewing Machine Model 562 User Manual

  1. Léanne Thibodeau

    Will you please send me a picture of your parts for an imperial sewing machine.
    I’ll take all the numbers i cand found on it.

    [Don: Hi Léanne. These Imperial sewing machines are somewhat rare and documentation is extremely difficult to find. We are very lucky to have the Imperial Model 535 and 562 user manuals, donated without charge by nice people, which do have parts diagrams. Check these manuals to see if your machine is similar. If I find an Imperial Model 568 user manual I will contact you, but given the rarity of these machines, this will probably not happen. If you find a user manual somewhere please contact me and I will host it. Thanks, Don]

  2. Jessica Coonen

    Dear Don,
    I am a heavy metal sewing machine fan. My most recent affair is with a Coronado ZigZag (missing the disks and manual)which runs real nice. Someone just dropped off a machine who is a bit plain in comparison, with the name Union Peters (model no. 100) They seem to be related deep down, and I wonder if they are of the same family you speak of, being manufactured in Japan in the 50’s and labeled for the Canadian market under these names. The Union Peters is in poor working condition and I am about to pilfer the pretty parts to feed any need of the Coronado, if no-one objects. What’s your take?
    Sincerely, Jessie

  3. Amber

    Hi there… I’m not certain this is the appropriate place to ask but this is the only thing I can find referencing Union Peters model no 100.
    It’s mounted on an old vintage looking Singer cabinet…
    Looking for any info on value…??

  4. ron

    Hi, i have the manual for the imperial 4500 sewing machine,how do i send it to you to post on your page for others to download,i can email it if i had an address for that,it is in .pdf format scanned page by page ,about 22 pages,,thank you –ron

  5. ron

    Hi Don, i have the complete manual on the imperial model 4500 converted to the .pdf format now ,sorry that last time i only had it in the .jpg format,it is about 33 files which i can upload to you in two uploads if you would like to post it on your page for others to download.Thank you for hosting the other sewing machine manuals as i am sure others as well as myself have benefited from that..-Ron

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  7. Sandra

    Is there such an Imperial Sewing Machine Model 7003? Is there an online manual for it?
    Thanks so much for your help.

  8. Corinne

    I inherited an Imperial 562 with the manual and complete attachments save and except it is missing the bobbin case. I cannot seem to find replacement parts for the Imperials (at least online). Do you have any suggestions?

    [Don: Hi Corinne, and thanks for stopping by my site. I have never seen any place online or otherwise for replacement parts. For major problems, which should be rare, you’ll need to find a doner machine and scavenge parts. I have done this for old Singers.

    As for the imperial bobbin case, I have interchanged the bobbin case from my Singer machine, Singer Part number 81417, successfully and it works without issue. The Imperial bobbin case is just a fraction shallower and would not hold the thicker Singer bobbins. The Singer bobbin case fits the Imperial well and I have successfully used it many times. It might fit your 562.

    Happy sewing, Don]

  9. Kim Lightfoot Post author

    I bought an Imperial 562 with sewing cabinet and user manual. It runs, but has no accessories, like spare needles, or bobbins, feet etc. I do not know what type, and or sizes of needles to buy for a vintage machine, nor do I know where to locate any. I also do not know what machine oil to use, as it just specifies, machine oil lol. Do you know of the feet, and needles, and machine oil, where can I buy them? Can I use Singer’s parts interchangeably?

    [Don: Hi Kim, I don’t have a 562 model. You can look in your user manual for specifics. I usually just buy Singer needles. As for bobbins my Imperial bobbin holder is a little shallower than the deep Singer ones, so I need to buy shallower Singer bobbins. Singer sewing machine oil should be good, but don’t use any other type of oil. Look in local sewing stores for supplies.

    As for feet, I have a set that came with my machine, but never found any for sale separately. The Singer ones do not fit. You can look in second hand shops but you may have to buy a complete machine. As these machines are from 1965, spare parts are not available. You could look on eBay but I’ve never seen any for sale. The user manual should have a list of additional feet and accessories.

    Happy sewing, Don]

  10. Pat

    I was given Imperial sewing machine model number 620 , but don’t have a manual for it , could you send me one, so much I don’t know about it…..beautiful HEAVY machine,thanks

    [Don: The email you gave me was for a porn site, your web site link has been removed. You probably don’t need to sew much then, with all the clothing coming off, the stitching need not be very precise…]

    Would love a manual for sewing machine Imperial #620

    [Don: Please provide me with a valid email that is not a porn site. I can find those on my own.]

  11. Corliss Burke

    Can you please tell me if most metal bobbins will fit an Imperial sewing machine?
    [Don: Hi Corliss,    I can only compare my Imperial model 535 with my Singer machines. The Singers have deeper bobbins, 1.1 cm, while the Imperial that I have is 1.0 cm deep. You will need to measure the depth of your bobbin holder and compare at the store. Have a Happy Sewing Day]

  12. Shirley

    Looking for
    a free manual for my 919 Imperial sewing machine please and thank you Shirley

  13. Famia

    I bought a used imperial sewing machine 562 and now I don’t know where to start and don’t see feet paddle.
    All it does is, when I plug in it start and plug out stop.
    Please let me know what am I missing? The manual do not show any start button nor feet paddle.

  14. Famia

    Hi Don,

    Thank you for your quick response.
    I found that. The machine doesn’t run with foot baffle it does with leg or along the tie.

    Now there is another problem and wondering if you can help.
    The zigzag (pattern indicator return lever) can move from left to right by the selector lever but Can’t move from right to left.

    Best regards,

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