Content Scraper: Research and Ban

This one is difficult. They are elusive. They use partial IP ranges that start randomly, like a disk that needs defragmenting. This masks their use of larger IP ranges. The names James Prado and Private Layer are always involved. What they do is bury the hosted-ny.securefastserver into small IP segments, but the IP ranges before and after are also owned by the same company but are under the Private Layer or James Prado name. Tricky. Just ban the complete range, as it is the same company.

DNS Record:
Fast Serv Inc. d.b.a.
1 Mapp Str.
Belize City, Belize 141.255.160/24 James Prado private layer Fast Serv – Private Layer Fast Serv – 191.255 PRIVATE LAYER – Fast Serv – Private Layer James Prado Fast Serv – James Prado – Private Layer James Prado – Private Layer These people are related but a little different. They do not fragment their IP addresses as much and are more straight forward. – Nikolay Kolev QHoster – QHOSTER – – Fast Serv QHoster – Fast Serv QHOSTER – Fast Serv QHOSTER – 191.255 Milciades Garcia PRIVATE LAYER – Fast Serv DE-QHOSTER – BZ-FASTSERV QHoster – Fast Serv QHoster – Fast Serv QHoster – Fast Serv QHoster

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