Xi Jinping as Emperor: Implications within China

As Xi Jinping has now removed his term limits within the Chinese constitution, this solidifies his hold on power until he dies or choses to leave. Even before this historic change in China’s constitution it was clear that Xi has a stronghold on China. This directly affects how government officials implement directives and the effect on the Chinese people themselves. An interesting observation, to say the least.

Interesting is how the Chinese government has changed in its implementation of general directives. It seems like government officials react faster and harder, and even overreact to policy implementations. These implementations are understandable, in a way, because government officials do not question or tweak directives, but carry out their orders, possibly overdoing it.

As XJP is not going anywhere, to get ahead officials have no other choice but to follow orders without question. There is no waiting out XJP anymore. To question is to disobey. To do, and to do it more energetically than required is a way to get noticed.

There are recent cases in China which I found very overdone. Maybe XJP’s indirect influence was a possible reason.

Removal of migrant workers from Beijing: Pretty heartless. Migrant workers were in illegal housing, that is true, but to give them almost no advanced warning before kicking them out into the winter cold, that was heartless. And not a few migrant workers at that but a lot.

Reduction of Air Pollution: This winter China decided to reduce its coal burning and thus air pollution. Officials banned the burning of coal, confiscated stoves from people’s homes, offices and schools, even if they did not have natural gas or other means of heat. Students were forced to study outside in the sunlight to keep warm. This was also very heartless.

In the future it will be interesting to see if there are mitigating forces that will soften the blow of XJP directives. These directives are not in question, but their implementation has been overdone and to the detriment of the Chinese people. How about better planning, thinking about the implications of these actions, and paying more attention to how it will greatly affect the common people?

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