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Dual IP Comment Spammers with Canadian Content

We Canadians are always overshadowed by the 10 larger in population US. If at all possible I like to highlight our accomplishments, or in this case, sophisticated comment spamming from Canada. Bad, Canada.

Comment spammers on my site usually use a single IP to first read the post, determine if they can submit spam, then submit the spam comment. This shows up in my Akismet spam comments. They are simple to identify and ban.

Bell Internet Bandwidth Gauge Not Accurate

Our home internet service provider here in Toronto, Canada, is Bell Canada. I received an email from Bell at 10:01 telling me we are at 90% of our limit, and have 8.2G left. This email is not uncommon and I expect it on heavy months. Usually 8.2G should last us at least 2 days. At 12:30 I receive another email stating that we are now 350M over our limit.

What the hell!?! During that time I was having lunch and not even on the computer, and there is no one else in the house. This sounds fraudulent.

Virgin Mobile Canada: New Home Internet Offer

Interested, I was, when I read a G&M article, written more like advertising copy, about Virgin Mobile offering home internet service, 300MB for $50/mo.

I went to their web site, input my address, which it acknowledged, but the lookup feature was not working. I therefore phoned and they confirmed that home internet is not yet available for me but is in the works.

They also confirmed that they will use Bell fiber optic lines, which were recently installed on my street, 300G bandwidth, 25mbps download, 15mbps upload. That is a lot cheaper than Bell is offering today.