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Caught me: Adblock-plus goes Rogue

The National Post put up a news article about user centered design in cars, which turned out to be an ad. I took screen caps of this offending article and wrote about it. The image file name I used included the snippet “-ad-“, which was enough for my ad-block plus browser plugin to remove it from my view. Only after renaming the file name and reuploading it could I actually see the ad. Lesson learned.

Toronto Star Treating All Browsers like a Smartphone = Crap UI

Headscratching, it is, when I browse on the internet and the site treats me like a smartphone. I’m not on a smartphone, have lots of screen space and do not like the experience. Different pieces of hardware should be treated differently. We are all not smartphones.

The Toronto Star recently changed their web site UI so that all browsers are treated like smartphones. While this is great if you use a smartphone, it breaks all the rules if you are using a regular PC, or even a tablet.

Using QQ from Ubuntu

Usually I’m working in Ubuntu, so cannot use the PC version of QQ. I’ve had to either switch to Windows or use QQ International through my smartphone. Typing on my smartphone in Chinese and English is challenging and fraught with spelling mistakes. I’m having trouble accurately typing Chinese pinyin on my phone. The alternative is to use QQ with a browser.

You can use the browser version of QQ when you are on ubuntu, but I could not find any instructions on how to do this. Here is what to do: