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Walmart Wastes Food that Customer Puts in Cart but never Bought

I was at my local Walmart today, in Toronto, Canada. Two customers in front of me was an elderly woman who had, in her cart a variety of soft goods items such as a small rug, a shirt, some toothpaste, but also some groceries such as eggs, and a 4L bag of milk. Unfortunately her credit card was denied, so she left her products at the checkout and walked away.

Walmart Rewards Mastercard Signup Issues

Cash back credit cards are a pretty good deal. The more you spend on your credit card, you get back 1% of all purchases. If you always pay off your monthly balance and do not need the fancy benefits of other credit cards such as extended warranties, a little cash back is nice to get. For such purchases as groceries and gas this is ideal. Walmart Canada Bank has come out with a rewards Mastercard, a variant of the cash back. You get 1.25% in rewards from Walmart purchases and 1% from purchases from other retailers. When your cash back amount exceeds $5 you can redeem them at the Walmart cash register. Did you know Walmart now has a financial group and call themselves a bank?