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bb.sky.com Content Scraper: Research, Ban

bb.sky.com is a regular content scraper on my site, so I have decided to track them down. I finally figured out their hex IP address, so I can target ranges better.

Sky is a very large TV and internet provider in the Uk. They have a huge range of IPs.

Site hits:
5ad4e517.bb.sky.com –
027e2f4c.bb.sky.com –
5ad00af4.bb.sky.com –
b0fb523c.bb.sky.com –

Cannot use Integrated Webcam with Google+ Chat on Chrome, Ubuntu 14.04

Struggle, I do, using Google Chrome and Google+ Hangouts Chat. My Ubuntu 14.04.2 system simply will not display the integrated webcam, and gives me a black screen instead. Apparently this is a known problem. I was expecting that since both products are from Google, that they would work well together, but this is not the case.

My webcam has always worked. Cheese and GUVcview has always worked from day 1. I recently installed Skype and it worked right from the install. Using Firefox I can go to plus.google.com, login and my webcam works. Strange.

Xubuntu 10.04 LTS: Initial Install and Impressions

Old PCs die a terrible death, lonely and forlorn. In the Windows world you need to upgrade your physical PC hardware every 3-4 years as well as buy the newest operating system, wasting money and stressing your budget. As an IT professional I not only do not buy into this propaganda, but rail against it. When the Windows operating systems on old PCs do not receive any upgrades, the PC slows down, often heavily laden with fat, bloated software. Ubuntu, a Linux OS version, and Xubuntu, it’s lighter version, may be the answer to unlocking the innate functionality of your old PC.