Greenpeace UK: A Website Review

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Greenpeace UK

I have highlighted this site because this site really stands out. By capturing the essence of the organization, working as an effective marketing tool, as well having strong usability, this is one very effective and creative website.

Green has to be the dominant colour for Greenpeace, for what other colour could they choose?. Grenpeace stands for the environment, after all, and without green you have environmental destruction. Their logo is written in thick green, hand printed, informal and playful. The top right header has a background colour of green, and most of their links are green. Green is the dominant colour on their vessel. How can you not be drawn to their vessel, replete with their trademark rainbow and dove. This ship glides peacefully through a narrow channel with a frame of lush green trees. It is positively idylic, and if we all joined the movement, the world would be a so much better place for our kids and ourselves.Their site and their cause really brings you in. Green IS Greenpeace.

In terms of content, displayed prominently not once but twice, is “Take action”. Sign up. Donate. The message is to be proactive and do something positive now. The very important current issue is front and centre, so you cannot miss it. The bright orange, which contasts with the green, works to attract the eye and lure you in. There is the lovely photo in the centre of the page that shows you the destruction that Greenpeace fights against. Your eye is drawn to the photo, which carries you down the road lined with trees that will take centuries to grow back. The accompanying text provides explanation. As a marketing tool the website works, and works well.

In terms of web usability, there is current news displayed in one box, very prominent and easy to find. There are places to search, and to login. Overall the site is simple, clear, very understandable, but effective. Colour contrast and brightness contrast are high, allowing for easy reading. Almost all text is mixed case, which allows you to quickly scan words. The site has pleasing colours and two photos, which provides a target for your eyes.

Greenpeace UK conveys the essence of their organization, is an excellent piece of marketing, and has great usability. In my view it functions as a top notch website.

Let’s join up!

Note: This site is run by a Drupal CMS. Just check their source code.

1 thought on “Greenpeace UK: A Website Review

  1. David Ing

    Thanks for doing this website review. It’s helpful to appreciate how a web usability person looks at content.

    The experience reminds me of my experience working in retail industry. One of the industry marketing reps, before we made a customer call, made a point of doing a retail store walk-through, in order order to get a feel of how the business was operating. He was pointing out all of the things I didn’t see: the lighting in the store, the spacing of the aisles, and the height of display shelves. Since that time, I’ve been unable to walk into a store without taking in those parts of the experience.

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