Two Tier Quality for George’s Tastee Patties

There are two quality standards for Tastee patties. You choose with your wallet.

There are two quality standards for Tastee patties. You choose with your wallet.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been buying and eating George’s Tastee Jamaican beef patties from Toronto, Canada. It’s become a family tradition. The patties are of reasonably high quality and are not as flaky as Allan’s. This week I inadvertently found out that Tastee offers two tier quality for their patties, readily evident when one bites into a patty.

My family has a tradition of buying frozen unbaked patties. You put them in the oven at 375F/190C, bake for 35 minutes and out pops quality patties. We’ve had no other, until this week. The price for frozen unbaked patties has been on the rise. It now costs $21CAD for 3 dozen patties, or $7CAD/dozen. In contrast the baked patty prices have stayed the same at $12CAD for 2 dozen, or $6CAD/dozen.

It did not make sense to me that I would be baking the patties myself, but they would charge me $1CAD more for my troubles. How could Tastee have the audacity to offer less product service and charge more for the frozen unbaked? When I asked the cashier she told me that the frozen unbaked are now in the back freezer, so it costs more for someone to walk the 30 steps to get a box from the freezer. Hogwash. Another person who worked there told me that the baked patties were packed by different people and this accounts for the price difference. Double hogwash. I bought the frozen baked for $6CAD/dozen.

After heating up some patties, my kids told me the real reason. They took one bite and spoke the undeniable truth. While the patties are of the same size and appearance, the meat filling used in the frozen baked patties is about half that of the frozen unbaked. This accounts for the $1CAD difference. Who would have thought that there would be two quality standards for something as outwardly simple as a Jamaican beef patty?

In retrospect those that always buy frozen unbaked would never know of the lower quality type. By buying frozen unbaked and baking it yourself, you get a crisper and therefore tastier crust. Those that are used to the standard patty quality would never go to the trouble of the frozen unbaked, which are not even offered in their freezer. It would take the likes of myself to breach the abyss between the two target markets.

You know George, I can take the truth. You just need to tell it to me and I’ll decide for myself. I realize you cannot get blood from a stone. For clarity I’ll state it here. For best quality and slightly more expense, there are frozen unbaked patties who’s quality is better, for $7CAD/dozen. There are also the frozen baked patties, cheaper at $6CAD/dozen, that is also somewhat acceptable, but not as good as the frozen unbaked. That was not hard, was it?

7 thoughts on “Two Tier Quality for George’s Tastee Patties

  1. john.m

    Hi, i love these patties too, but i havent been able to find a store that sells them in dozens, i was hoping that you can give me a location or an address.

  2. dontai Post author

    Hi John, I sometimes visit their main bakery at 600 Denison Street, Markham, (905) 479-1919. It’s west of Warden Avenue, 1 km north of Steeles Avenue. On one side they have a restaurant for take-out food alongside their bakery. On the other side is their cash and carry, where you can get boxes of patties of 2 dozen baked frozen. Fresh hard dough bread is available after 1:00pm.

  3. pat

    Hi Don,

    I used to work at Tastee’s on Denison. I’m pretty sure the frozen unbaked and frozen baked patties have the same amount of meat filling. I’m not sure why you found less meat filling in your patties though =/

  4. dontai Post author

    After eating a batch of frozen unbaked, my family and I unanimously agree that the frozen unbaked taste so much better than the frozen baked. There were no complaints about the paucity of filling that I received when we ate the frozen baked.

    It is possible that the frozen unbaked are simply fresher and therefore taste better. Since I see no increased labour nor expenses for offering frozen unbaked over frozen baked, it seems like Tastee would rather charge customers an additional $1CAD per dozen for NOT baking their patties. The company saves the cost of baking, their oven purchase and maintenance, as well as to charge their customers the additional 16% over frozen baked.

    I cannot come up with any other plausible answer. If anyone can, then please add your comment.

  5. r hamaty

    Are these made in Canada?

    [Don: Hi r hamaty. Yes, these Tastee patties are manufactured and sold in Canada. They are follow Canadian food packaging and distribution laws.]

  6. Beresford Bailey

    Tastee Limited who produces top quality patties in Jamaica are not associated with any production and distribution of patties in Canada or the United States of America. Dontai many manufacturers in Canada and USA have claimed to be the producers of Tastee Patties, but that is a sham. They are using the name of Tastee to sell their products.

    [Don: Hi Beresford. I have never known anything Tastee but the ones in Canada, so thank you for the correction.

    On a positive note I really like your web site. It is bright andcolourful and, well, Tastee!]

  7. Nigel

    These patties used to be tasty..some years ago..It does not taste like the ones in JA..and there is not enough meat filling..just mainly crust in the frozen type..

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