Facebook’s Instant Personalization Setting: Turn it Off

There needs to be a fine balance point between sharing personal information on the internet and privacy concerns. I am a private person and thus bias towards not sharing personal information on the internet. Once information goes out to the World Wide Web I know that it will be propagated and disseminated at will, far beyond any one country or individual’s control. Once out, there is no reeling it back in. Facebook is testing this fine line by allowing third party application developers to save the personal information of their clientele. They allow personal information to be shared by default. That’s too much for me. I’ll follow the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s lead and block this privacy breach, and I think you should as well.

To block Facebook’s new Instant Personalization Setting, get onto Facebook, go to Privacy Settings, Applications and Settings, Instant Personalization Pilot Program. This will be set to “allow” by default. Uncheck this. You are now done.

It is odd that this Facebbook program is a “pilot”, because once your information is transferred to the other site, there is no “undoing” or returning this information. I give Facebook a big thumbs down for such an idiotic decision to open up a potentially large security breach.

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