Toronto’s Black Eye is Slow to Heal: G20 Summit 2010

Clowns vs Police, Toronto, Canada G20 Jue 25 2010

It is never easy to admit fault, but only through acknowledgment of an error can said error be corrected. In Toronto’s G20 summit in 2010 Toronto and other police and RCMP beat up and violated the rights of over 1,500 Canadian citizens. The police became the criminal element. It is only the passing of almost 2 years of time that this wrong is beginning to turn. Maybe.

There is no question that police beat up and arrested innocent Canadian civilians at Toronto’s G20 summit in 2010. Over 1,100 people were arrested, only 30 or so were ever charged, and only a handful were ever convicted of anything. All the rest, were just used as punching bags for the police and politicians. I know not if this was malicious or just benign neglect, but I do know that it was unequivocally illegal and should not have happened in the first place. Blame systemic problems with the chain of command within the political and police system,

More time will need to pass before the acknowledgment of illegality occurs. This one by the Office of the Independent Police Review (OIPRD), as well as the numerous Ontario Ombudsman’s reports is a good first step in the right direction, but Canada has a much farther path to follow. No government, Federal, Provincial nor municipal, has acknowledged that mistakes were made at the Toronto G20 Summit 2010. I hope this acknowledgment will occur in the future, in order to shore up the confidence of the Canadian legal system.

“What occurred over the course of the weekend resulted in the largest mass arrests in Canadian history. These disturbances had a profound impact not only on the citizens of Toronto and Canada generally, but on public confidence in the police as well,” writes Gerry McNeilly, head of the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD), a citizen agency that today tabled the 300- page systemic review report.


More significantly, very few people have been charged with beating up Toronto citizens. I believe that only two officers have been charged to date. All the rest, as well as their superiors that gave them orders, and the politicians that gave the police superiors their orders, have not been charged, and may never be charged. The bigger the crime, the increased prevalence that no one will be held accountable. This seems to be how life rolls, and what I believe will eventually happen.

The wheels of justice may move ever so slowly, but does not touch all Canadian citizens the same. Some are immune to prosecution, and this includes the politicians and the police. Please prove me wrong.

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