LG L9 P769 V21D Smartphone Root, CWM, Debloat

Slowing down was Big Weed’s smartphone, a 2 year old LG Optimus L9 P769, V21d, from Wind Mobile in Canada.

Tried LGpwn [ROOT][JB] New Easy Root Method For Jellybean to root. It ram well but when we downloaded and installed SuperSU it said we did not have root, so it could not install.

Then tried Cydia [TUTORIAL]Root LG L9 with Cydia[all versions/easy][4.0.3][4.1.2] to root. It ran well. Then installed SuperSU without problem. Installed Busybox x by 347
Robert Nediyakalaparambil and installed.

Did the CWM install by Artas, [LOCKED BL/Jellybean support] LG Optimus L9 Recovery Installer | v1.5.0.0 27.04.13

Booted into CWM and did a Nandroid backup. Rebooted and got the “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped”, then a white Encryption screen with a single button “Reset Phone”

Booting to recovery:

  • Turn off phone
  • Turn on, when LG logo appears and leds will be blinking press and hold vol down button
  • You are in recovery

lg l9 unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped Encrypting reset phone site:forum.xda-developers.com


This phone is a pain the ass because it comes with a locked bootloader. unlocking the bootloader, which has been done by matthewstice, Oct 26 2013, but not without much pain. An unlocked bootloadr allows you to change roms.

Device manager

Device manager

T-Mobile Rename List
AccessT-Mobile.apk T-Mobile My Account
com.mobitv.client.tmobiletvhd.apk T-Mobile TVls

Easy Root and CWM but needs unlocked bootloader but has instructions

unlock bootloader, second article, ref=”http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2198114third article

If the adb reboot oem-unlock command isn’t working for you, it means your bootloader is encrypted. phones that shipped after June 2013 have encrypted bootloaders. If so, sorry but all left to do is to flash back to stock

source It seems some LG L9s have encrypted bootloaders and therefore can never be unlocked. This should not happen with Android, but when you have a large corporation involved they find ways to do this.

Someone unlocked bootloader from Wind Mobile source

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