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LG Optimus L9 P769 Smartphone: Root, CWM, Remove Bloatware

Slowing down was Big Weed’s smartphone, a 2 year old LG Optimus L9 P769, V21D, from Wind Mobile in Canada. Bought for $200CAD unlocked, it only works with Wind, not Bell or Bully Red. Texts were being dropped and were glitchy. The phone obviously had some software issues. Big Weed was very hesitant to touch her phone, lest we damaged it in any way. When we did do something we did soft brick it, so there was valid cause for concern. Anyway it is now rooted, has the ClockWork Mod recovery manager, a T-Mobile V20D rom, and has been debloated. The phone runs better and faster than new.

LG L9 P769 V21D Smartphone Root, CWM, Debloat

Slowing down was Big Weed’s smartphone, a 2 year old LG Optimus L9 P769, V21d, from Wind Mobile in Canada.

Tried LGpwn [ROOT][JB] New Easy Root Method For Jellybean to root. It ram well but when we downloaded and installed SuperSU it said we did not have root, so it could not install.

Then tried Cydia [TUTORIAL]Root LG L9 with Cydia[all versions/easy][4.0.3][4.1.2] to root. It ran well. Then installed SuperSU without problem. Installed Busybox x by 347
Robert Nediyakalaparambil and installed.

Did the CWM install by Artas, [LOCKED BL/Jellybean support] LG Optimus L9 Recovery Installer | v1.5.0.0 27.04.13

Wind Mobile, Canada: Details Explained

Mobile phone service is unquestionably complex, needing a lot of research about both the phone and your service provider. After an exhaustive search of all the providers in the Toronto area, we found that Wind Mobile had the best cell phone plans to suit our needs. Yet the devil is in the details. Choosing a phone and the specific plan is trickier than we initially thought. There were other issues to consider, including cell phone coverage, unlocking the phone, buying the phone outright, and how Wind does their tab. Specifics of the Wind plan can change at any time, so this post is valid today in August 2013 and will change in the future.