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Wind Mobile, Canada: Details Explained

Mobile phone service is unquestionably complex, needing a lot of research about both the phone and your service provider. After an exhaustive search of all the providers in the Toronto area, we found that Wind Mobile had the best cell phone plans to suit our needs. Yet the devil is in the details. Choosing a phone and the specific plan is trickier than we initially thought. There were other issues to consider, including cell phone coverage, unlocking the phone, buying the phone outright, and how Wind does their tab. Specifics of the Wind plan can change at any time, so this post is valid today in August 2013 and will change in the future.

Bad Service with Rogers Canada

We do not have the latest and greatest TV, so when some kid’s TV channels started disappearing, I called Rogers, here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They said that I needed a box between my analog tv and the input cable, and that I could pick one up, no charge, from a local Rogers store, and they told me the address. I went to that local Rogers store today and they were out of stock, a box was not reserved for me and I should call back to the store to get one because they do not know when these boxes come in. Thanks a lot Rogers. My experience with your company was decidedly negative.