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I’m On My Phone, I can be as Rude as I want

How did the world here in Toronto become so rude once people have a mobile phone in their hands? There was once a time when people walked around and acted with much more manners. These times seem to have passed as people gab on their phones, oblivious of the inconvenience they cause others. You think you can multitask, like talk on the phone and walk. Well, no, you cannot.

Banned Phone Numbers, Toronto, Canada

These are telemarketers who consistently call my house here in Toronto and refuse to cease. Few of these have call display info, so I need to research them on the internet. Still, many have no information. The CRTC should regulate this better, as it is very annoying. The “Do Not Call” law should be upgraded to be more all encompassing.

In the mean time I use my Panasonic phone, which has a ban list, but I still get a single ring. My phone keeps track of all our incoming calls, and I track unknown phone numbers. There is some work involved to keep this list current, but the payoff is that you reduce, to a bare minimum, the number of repeat telemarketers.

Wind Mobile, Canada: Details Explained

Mobile phone service is unquestionably complex, needing a lot of research about both the phone and your service provider. After an exhaustive search of all the providers in the Toronto area, we found that Wind Mobile had the best cell phone plans to suit our needs. Yet the devil is in the details. Choosing a phone and the specific plan is trickier than we initially thought. There were other issues to consider, including cell phone coverage, unlocking the phone, buying the phone outright, and how Wind does their tab. Specifics of the Wind plan can change at any time, so this post is valid today in August 2013 and will change in the future.