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Age Discrimination in China’s IT Industry

I have noticed a lot of different types of discrimination in China. Sometimes it is discrimination against foreigners, but usually against fellow Chinese. There is the rural/urban divide, men vs women, Xinjiang vs the CCP, etc. But sometimes there is discrimination based on age. The most predominant is against women over 30, the so called “leftover women”, which is a very derogatory term. This time it is age discrimination in the IT industry.

Average Entry Level Salaries: China, US, Other

As I talk to people in China it is very useful to understand general level salary levels. These are average starting salaries for entry level university grads. These do vary depending on the cost of living.

These salaries are very variable. In all cases I used the highest average. None of these mean much comparing one country to another, as expenses such as housing vary greatly.

Year Country Monthly Yearly
2017 China 5,600RMB/$823USD 67,200RMB/$9,880USD
2017 US $4,000USD $47,300USD
2017 Japan $1,800USD $21,600USD
2017 Malaysia $585USD $7,020USD

Banned Phone Numbers, Toronto, Canada

These are telemarketers who consistently call my house here in Toronto and refuse to cease. Few of these have call display info, so I need to research them on the internet. Still, many have no information. The CRTC should regulate this better, as it is very annoying. The “Do Not Call” law should be upgraded to be more all encompassing.

In the mean time I use my Panasonic phone, which has a ban list, but I still get a single ring. My phone keeps track of all our incoming calls, and I track unknown phone numbers. There is some work involved to keep this list current, but the payoff is that you reduce, to a bare minimum, the number of repeat telemarketers.

A Shoutout to an Unemployed 29 yo Millennial

Having the unenviable experience of being out of work for a long time, I very much sympathize with this 29 yo Millennial. His name was kept confidential so I cannot contact him. If you read this, please drop me a line. It seems he did everything right, schoolwise, but society has failed him. Who is to blame for such systemic problems in finding gainful and meaningful employment?

I am currently working as an IT recruiter, a difficult and low paying job, where success is few and far between. Still, I get to help some people some of the time. Oddly, I find this one of the benefits of the job. I can also shed light on some of the quirkiness of the job search that others might not tell a candidate.

Interview Question: Boxes of Apples, Oranges and Mixed

This question has repeatedly come up during face to face interviewers of one specific company here in Toronto, Canada. It is supposed to test programming logic. You may judge for yourself its effectiveness. Trick interview questions such as these are controversial. Do such questions really show IT intelligence and talent or are they used as a chance method to eliminate candidates? One web site, has a collected a database of such interview questions.

Q: There are three covered boxes that are all mislabeled: one contains “apples”, one contains “oranges”, one contains “mixed”. You cannot see the contents of these boxes. You may stick your hand into one box at a time and take out a fruit. How do you correctly relabel the boxes?

The Resilience of an IT Contractor, Toronto, Canada

After two months of recruiting for permanent and contract IT developers for a specific company, this experience has shown the psychological resilience and toughness of IT contractors. No matter the rejection and abuse they get from companies, this does not faze them. Life merely carries on. Need it be this way?

This morning I was submitting candidates to this company for interviews. The company was asking us for convenient interview times. But by noon the news turned grim: all contractor positions were filled. Anyone looking for a contract that was not already interviewed was being offered permanent positions only. The abruptness was a bit shocking to me, as it looked like there was a lack of planning.

Observations from an IT Recruiter

New am I as an IT recruiter. Sure, I have interviewed and hired for my own development team, but this new job has me reading hundreds of resumes a week. Here are some observations about reading resumes and talking to job candidates: 1. Canadians do not have as much education as candidates from the USSR and China, 2. I have no idea of the authenticity of many Indian post secondary schools, 3. There is more to life than money, 4. Why post your resume up to a job board when I cannot even contact you?

Employment Discrimination and Ethnicity in Toronto, Canada

Eye opening was my new job as an IT recruiter here in Toronto, Canada. As a North American born and Canadian raised and educated, I knew something was askew. Reading hundreds of resumes per week I wondered why it took so long for me to find work, though it is not exactly in my job stream. Why where there so many newly immigrated foreigners out of work? Why where there so many second generation immigrants, fluent in English and Canadian educated, having such a difficult time finding work, in our ethnically diverse Toronto?