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Toronto Police Vulnerable Sector Screening Application: Males will fail

RCMP vulnerabile sector screening application for males will almost always result in requiring to submit fingerprints to the RCMP.

Recently for a volunteer position I was asked to provide a Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) application, or Vulnerable Sector Police Reference Checks (VSPRC), done by the Toronto Police. A long 8 weeks later a letter arrived stating that the RCMP requires my fingerprints due to a match of my gender and date of birth to the RCMP pardoned sex offenders registry.

Age Discrimination in China’s IT Industry

I have noticed a lot of different types of discrimination in China. Sometimes it is discrimination against foreigners, but usually against fellow Chinese. There is the rural/urban divide, men vs women, Xinjiang vs the CCP, etc. But sometimes there is discrimination based on age. The most predominant is against women over 30, the so called “leftover women”, which is a very derogatory term. This time it is age discrimination in the IT industry.

Employment Discrimination and Ethnicity in Toronto, Canada

Eye opening was my new job as an IT recruiter here in Toronto, Canada. As a North American born and Canadian raised and educated, I knew something was askew. Reading hundreds of resumes per week I wondered why it took so long for me to find work, though it is not exactly in my job stream. Why where there so many newly immigrated foreigners out of work? Why where there so many second generation immigrants, fluent in English and Canadian educated, having such a difficult time finding work, in our ethnically diverse Toronto?

Ethnic Canadian Honey on Sale but not original Canadian version? Really?

Sometimes our Canadian multiculturalism goes a little too far, even for a Chinese Canadian like myself. Here in Toronto, Canada and especially in Scarborough, my area of the world is biased towards Chinese, especially from the Mainland. Nofrills, a local big box grocer, decides to put Billy Bee Honey, 1 litre bottle on sale for $6.88CAD. This is high quality Canadian honey, which I have used for many years without issue. At the store I pick up four bottles and head to the cash, only to find that those I picked up are not the ones advertised on sale. The difference between the two: the advertised honey has an English-Chinese label and the one I picked up has an English only label. It was annoying to have to drop my bottles of honey at the cash, reenter the store and purchase what Nofrills calls “ethnic” Billy Bee honey. I am all for ethnic but please do not discriminate against English only labels and products. Nofrills, intended or not, you need a smack upside the head.
Billy Bee Honey: Bottle on the right called ethnic is on sale, the one on the left is not

Billy Bee Honey: Bottle on the right called ethnic is on sale, the one on the left is not