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I’m On My Phone, I can be as Rude as I want

How did the world here in Toronto become so rude once people have a mobile phone in their hands? There was once a time when people walked around and acted with much more manners. These times seem to have passed as people gab on their phones, oblivious of the inconvenience they cause others. You think you can multitask, like talk on the phone and walk. Well, no, you cannot.

Distracted Walking: Ridiculous but True

Disbelief is what I felt when I first saw two pedestrian texters walk straight into each other, head to head. So engrossed with their lives that they could not spend the time to watch where they are going? As a technologist I am always interested in the social effects of technology on society. Distracted walking shows that the vast majority of people cannot do two things at the same time, that multi-tasking is really not feasible for most people, and that this behaviour can be potentially dangerous to the person and those around them.