I’m On My Phone, I can be as Rude as I want

How did the world here in Toronto become so rude once people have a mobile phone in their hands? There was once a time when people walked around and acted with much more manners. These times seem to have passed as people gab on their phones, oblivious of the inconvenience they cause others. You think you can multitask, like talk on the phone and walk. Well, no, you cannot.

He was walking up the stairway, oblivious of who was behind him, slowly walking and talking on the phone. I don’t mind going a little slower, but this guy was taking up the whole stairway, not paying attention to his surroundings. Is it your right to hold up others just because you are on your phone? I also see this behaviour while driving, with other drivers driving well below the speed limit and gabbing on the phone.

Yes, you may take your sweet time getting of the bus, just because you are talking on your phone. First, do not get up from your seat earlier than your stop. Get up only after the bus has completely stopped, people have gotten off, and then new passengers are getting on. Push your way through the crowd at the last minute and act like you are the one inconvenienced. How about you know when your stop is coming up, prepare to get off by getting up before you get to your stop so that you are near the door, and then when the bus is crowded, use the rear doors. Or better still, if you cannot handle the preparation then hang up your phone and concentrate on life.

The bus driver is nice and patiently waits for her, but she’s taking her sweet time as she half walks half talks on the phone. Upon getting on the bus she flashes her monthly card and without even an acknowledgement gets on the bus, all the while talking on her phone. Really? The bus driver did you a favour by waiting, delaying passengers and his route, and you could not even spend the 0.3 seconds to thank the driver with a hand wave or a nod? Where did you learn your manners? Would you like to be treated this way? It would be better for the bus driver to drive away, and maybe he’ll do this the next time.

We’re shopping for groceries in a crowded Chinese grocery store in Markham. I mean really crowded. Not only do most people have those small red plastic baskets with wheels, but there are also lots of large grocery carts as well. This one dude on his phone, walking very slowly across an aisleway blocks near the whole aisle with his body and small basket. So many people have to wait until this guy clears out? What is this guy thinking? Again, obliviousness due to distraction by talking on his phone.

Technology is great, but there are negative implications as well as the obvious positives. Having a private conversation does not mean you can be rude to the rest of the world. If you do and people are rude back to you, then maybe you’ll know why.

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