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The Scourge that is Smartphone Bloatware

Buy a smartphone, you did, but do you really own it? You use your phone when new, but after a while the phone slows down. Is it the phone or are you just getting irritable and impatient with yourself. Relax and wait a bit, right? Maybe not, because your phone may actually be slowing down. It is at this point, around the 1.5 year mark, that you consider buying a new phone. Has your spanky new phone really degraded that much? Smartphones are at least a couple of hundred dollars, so buying a new one every 1.5 years can get very expensive. But do you really need a new one? Remove the bloatware from your phone first, then decide. Bloatware can account for 1/3d of all apps running on your phone, so removing them can make a significant positive difference to the smooth operation of your phone.

LG Optimus L9 P769 Smartphone: Root, CWM, Remove Bloatware

Slowing down was Big Weed’s smartphone, a 2 year old LG Optimus L9 P769, V21D, from Wind Mobile in Canada. Bought for $200CAD unlocked, it only works with Wind, not Bell or Bully Red. Texts were being dropped and were glitchy. The phone obviously had some software issues. Big Weed was very hesitant to touch her phone, lest we damaged it in any way. When we did do something we did soft brick it, so there was valid cause for concern. Anyway it is now rooted, has the ClockWork Mod recovery manager, a T-Mobile V20D rom, and has been debloated. The phone runs better and faster than new.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2x S7560M: Root, CWM, delete Bloatware

Little Weed’s smartphone was getting very slow, not allowing him to play games, with significant lag. We knew that Samsung has a lot of bloatware, so it was necessary to remove much of it. This takes a long time and lots of research. I’ve removed 31 apps so far, and the phone is running much faster now. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2x S7560M is from 2012 with 768mb ram.