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Miners smoke during a break at a coal mine in Changzhi, Shanxi province November 25, 2009. Reuters

Miners smoke during a break at a coal mine in Changzhi, Shanxi province November 25, 2009. Reuters

Shanxi possesses 260 billion metric tons of known coal deposits, about a third of China’s total. As a result, Shanxi is a leading producer of coal in China and has more coal companies than any other province,[11] with an annual production exceeding 300 million metric tonnes. The Datong (大同), Ningwu (宁武), Xishan (西山), Hedong (河东), Qinshui (沁水), and Huoxi (霍西) coalfields are some of the most important in Shanxi. Shanxi also contains about 500 million tonnes of bauxite deposits, about a third of total Chinese bauxite reserves.[12][13]

Industry in Shanxi is centered around heavy industries such as coal and chemical production, power generation, and metal refining.[citation needed] There are countless military-related industries in Shanxi due to its geographic location and history as the former base of the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army. Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre, one of China’s three satellite launch centers, is located in the middle of Shanxi with China’s largest stockpile of nuclear missiles. source

Shanxi province: King Coal’s misrule, Nov 28 2015

To show confidence and determination, the Premier picked Shanxi as the first place to inspect in the new year.

The first stop of his visit in Shanxi was Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Corp (TISCO), the world’s largest stainless steel manufacturer…

Li Jin, an expert on State-owned assets, said the Premier’s visit to Shanxi shows the central government’s determination to reduce overproduction and overcapacity.

“Reduction of overproduction and overcapacity as well as supply-side reform are priorities of the five targets put forward at the central economic working conference. The steel and coal enterprises the Premier visited are the priority among priorities,” he said.


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