Posting To Multi-Language Search Engines: Google, Baidu, Sogou, 360

Speaking Chinese and English, it is what I do. As my mother tongue is English and I live in Toronto, Canada, it was natural for me to post in English and use Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and other English biased search engines. I also have the ability to speak and write in Chinese, so I often do bilingual posts just for fun. As I regularly monitor my raw access server log, I can see that Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, Sogou, 360, Yandex and other search engines regularly index my content. I wondered how well they index my posts, and if there are any hints and tips that might make getting my content indexed better.

It came to me that I should check how easily I can find my content on the various search engines that regularly index my site. There are limitations though, as I may not know their language. Maybe I will try Yandex, Seznam, Cocco. In total I will check 11 search engines.

Here is my search: 地图 谷歌 百度 搜狗 360
translated: map google baidu sogou 360


It is clear that if you want to get indexed on a Chinese search engine you need to post with a Chinese title. There is clearly content filtering here, as anything connected to China, Chinese culture, or Chinese living in Canada is not indexed. I should not be surprised, but am disappointed. It is no wonder why I receive very little traffic from China.

It is also very evident that Google simply has a much better search engine, and if available in China, would decimate any domestic search company. This seems true for other countries as well.

Baidu 百度: I found my top domain name,, on page 3, but because the page had my most recent posts, which included the bilingual post I did yesterday, I found my post. Baidu does not index my blog at all for the first 10 pages of results, so any older posts are not found on baidu for this search criteria. On the bright side the Chinese character search criteria did show up on their page, highlighted.

When I only search for “” I do get 3 links at the top of page 1, all related to motorcycles! All my content related to China, Chinese in Toronto, is not indexed. From this article it seems like baidu has some pretty Chinese specific requirements that I as a North American, cannot fulfill. Oh well.

Sogou 搜狗: My main domain shows up on top of page 1, but no blog and no post. Page 3 has my blog tag for motorcycles, and shows one of my photos of a motorcycle jacket.

Searching only for on page 1 I find my top domain’s site, my blog’s motorcycle tag and photo, and then many of the blogs I have posted to in the past that also display my web site address!

360: They index none of my content, be it top domain or blog. I know they do index my site, so what do they do with the content collected?

Google: As expected, link #1. Unexpected was that I went to, the Vietnamese search engine, put in my search and got Google’s Viet page with my link on top! Ok, I’ll still support

Yahoo: First page, first post! Good work. They don’t list any other posts from the rest of my site. They don’t display Chinese.

DuckDuckGo: First page, first post! Good work. They index popular posts from my site. They don’t display Chinese

Bing: First page, first post! Good work. They display Chinese and English.

Other: Doing an English/Chinese search on these search engines may not be fair to them. They specialize in their specific language and may not spend much effort on Chinese.

Yandex: This Russian search engine heavily indexes my site daily. The search returns that I have 198 videos, but I’ve only posted one. This is surprising.

A search of returns my site and images as it should be.

Seznam: returns nothing for this search nor for any of my sites. This Vietnamese search engine uses Google in Viet and returns the search properly.

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