Swiss Ball / Yoga Ball / Medicine Ball / BOSU Ball Advanced Balance Exercises

Here are a list of advanced balance exercises you can do. These are progressively harder and will take time to master. Go slowly. The advanced ones, such as standing up on a swiss ball, are potentially dangerous.

Balance is really important for all aspects of life and sport. The more you practice, the easier it gets. All levels or balance, from really shaky on up, can improve and benefit. Balance, an autonomic system, is controlled by your inner ear, vision and proprioception (feeling of space in your limbs and muscles).

Balance exercises are also a lot of fun.

-two legs, use the wall to get on
-two leg, jump on
-single leg balance: bounce another ball, airplane yoga pose
-two legs, jump and rotate 180 degrees, land

Medicine Ball
-two leg, jump on
-single foot on ball, jump on
-turn 90 degrees while on ball
-walk forward on ball
-one leg balance: 1, 2
-single leg jump and balance: 1

Swiss/Yoga/Stability Ball
-double knees, two hands
-double knees, upright body
-bird dog: 1
-single knee, opposite single foot
-single knee balance: 1
-two feet, two hands
-two feet, stand up: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
-jump to two feet, stand up: 1, 2
-two feet, stand up, 180 jump: 1
-two feet, stand up, juggle clubs: 1

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