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China Anti-Espionage Security Regulations: Chinese Law, 2021 Apr 26

These Anti-espionage security regulations were released 2021 Apr 24 and have some very serious implications not only for foreigners in China, but also Chinese citizens who travel abroad. Because it is a law it has far reaching implications.

The 反间谍安全防范工作规定 fan3jian4 di2an1quan3 fang2fan4 gong1zuo4 gui1ding4 or the China Anti-Espionage Security Regulations essentially puts all foreigners in China under scrutiny, regardless of organization. It is far reaching in breadth.

But wait, there’s more. Any Chinese person that goes abroad could also have anti-espionage training. The law also gives the government widespread access to all buildings, facilities, computer systems and networks for anti-espionage investigations, which includes Western companies.