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Lowering Blood Pressure: HIIT or Moderate Cardio

Any exercise is better than no exercise. That said, for cardio exercise there are nuances that can affect you. HIIT is quick and stressing, and moderate cardio is slow and time consuming but gentle. Are the results the same for both?

High intensity interval training HIIT requires you to go all out in your cardio workout, but for extremely short periods of time, such as one minute. You then rest for a couple of minutes and repeat. A couple of cycles of this, and three times a week, and you’re done. You may not even do cardio for an hour per week, cumulatively. Maybe you do this for only 15 minutes a week.

Dark Chocolate and Blood Pressure Reductions

Diet and exercise are the general non-medicinal recommendations to reduce blood pressure. This makes some sense, in general, for overall health improvements. A German study has concluded that low amounts of daily consumption of dark chocolate can have a marginal but still significant outcome in reducing blood pressure.

Dr. Dirk Taubert, of the University Hospital of Cologne, published his findings in JAMA.

Here’s the recipe: Eat 6.3g of dark chocolate (min 70% cocoa) daily, 2 hrs after your last meal, and within 18 weeks reductions of 3mm hg systolic and 2mm hg
diastolic blood pressure can be observed.