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Globe and Mail Degrades User Experience for Desktop Users

For substantial reading, a smartphone just does not cut it for me. A desktop has a larger screen which is wider, and fonts are larger and easier to read. For the reading of a lot of content, nothing beats a desktop. It is with displeasure that I find newspapers degrading their user interface experience for the desktop in favour of the smartphone.

Globe and Mail recently revamped their site. Now gone are mouse overs, where you mouse over a link and it tells you a summary. This allows you to know beforehand if the article is worth reading.

Jury Duty in Toronto, Canada

Democracy in Canada does not usually directly affect individuals in our society. Usually it is when something goes awry that one sees democracy in action. I guess we take democracy for granted, until it is somehow revoked. Some people look for trouble and get arrested, while the rest of us lead law abiding lives and stay out of trouble. For the average citizen jury duty breaks the veneer of average living and brings democracy to the fore. Jury duty is when your average citizen is called to potentially be selected as a juror for a court case. Mandated by law and therefore mandatory for all citizens over 18 years old, citizens are randomly selected for jury duty, and again randomly selected to become an actual juror. In a world of technology, where certainty and sharp contrasts prevail, I found this randomness surprisingly refreshing.

Mystery Shopping Test: Food Basics, Wal*Mart

It’s always uncertain whether a shopping trip will be pleasant. Today I hit Food Basics and Wal*Mart and documented my shopping trip. Trip Review: Food Basics: A, Walmart: B-

___Sure, one can go shopping, grit your teeth through the experience and then return home vowing never to go again, but after a short while you do run out of necessities and are forced to return whence you came. At least reviewing your experience may give a reader or two a laugh. Or a cry, a shake of the mane and a sympathetic groan.

Food Basics, McCowan/Finch, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Food Basics, McCowan/Finch, Toronto, Ontario, Canada