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Snow Happiness

This morning the sun arose just a little bit earlier. It was brighter outside than usual. The kids were just a little happier, and walk with a little more skip in their step. They are more eager to go to school and play with their friends. In fact we are all a little brighter than usual. It snowed last night.

___It’s magical that a sprinkling of 5 cm of new snow can transform our landscape, and with it the spirits of our neighborhood. New snow is pristine, covering everything with a whitewash of, well, white. It’s as if some gigantic bottle of baby powder was evenly sprinkled on everything. A landscape of white greets your senses, with only a hint of green showing from our evergreens, who have the ability to partially shed their coat of snow.

Some of Life’s Simple Pleasures

Some of life’s simple pleasures need not cost much money, but can put the heart at ease. One may always reach and strive for more worldly possessions, but is this a true measure of success?

Simple pleasures:

  • Hearing laughter that follows tears
  • Baking cookies in the afternoon
  • Riding bikes in the winter
  • Dodging water drops as it starts to rain
  • Warm wind on your face
  • Climbing to the top
  • Hearing snow crunch beneath your feet
  • The trickle of water flowing through the downspout
  • Working the system to get better food for your family
  • Talking to friends