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No Arch Bang 32 Bit Support, Forum Registration is Terrible

Sometimes you just have to give up, and I have for Arch Bang. I have an old desktop that was looking for a new OS, so I researched and found Arch Bang, a Linux variant. After downloading the iso and trying to install it says that I need a 64 bit machine. In fact, they dropped 32 bit support this year. Nothing on their download page says this. As I search on Google I also try to register to their forum. They require a registration code, located on their forum. I cannot find this anywhere, therefore I cannot register. Sometimes you have to just admit that they do not want you in their club.

Business Process Re-engineering: Summer Sports Camp 2012 in Agincourt

While I consider myself a project manager, I can also play the role of business analyst. Situations often occur in life that scream for the need to re-engineer the business process.The Little Weed has attended the same summer sports camp here in Agincourt for the past couple of years, and each year there are many inefficiencies related to the initial first day of camp: registration. I have written about these in past posts, but today I will re-engineer the registration process that I participated in this year, 2012. Note that I do not work for the camp nor am I in anyway related, other than the Little Weed participates, and therefore I am only a consumer. Please note that this and other articles on this camp should not be considered a criticism of the camp. The Little Weed and I have verified that this camp is largely well run, the kids have a lot of fun, and to me, this is much more important than the inconvenience and inefficiencies that parents experience on registration day.