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Documenting A Referrer Spam Campaign

Get, I do, a lot of referrer spam on my site. I’m pretty sure that every site gets referrer spam, they are ubiquitous. Usually I have already banned them and they are usually from Russia, such as xrus, dealing with lovely, nubile, young Russian women. These I treat like background noise: I glance at the error 403 and move on. Then occasionally, about once a month, I get a bona fide referrer spam marketing campaign, where someone really wants to make a negative impression on both my Google Analytics and myself. I then find and ban them.

Toronto Police G20 Kettling Tactics, 2010

This is my Toronto in one of its darkest moments. In this event the Canadian Charter of Rights was wantonly trounced by Toronto Police. Over 1,000 citizens were illegally detained, some for over 24 hrs, and then set free with no explanation. Yes, the fight will continue in the courts but the damage has already been done. Healing, if it occurs, will only start once a proper public inquiry has been completed. Who was responsible for this suspension of our right to protest? Frankly I doubt we will ever know.