Hu Wei Article on China’s Support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

One of the base principals of any species is to procreate. “Be fruitful and multiply” Genesis 1:28. This value is ingrained in every species, and rightly so, because without it the species does not continue. The opposite of this tenet is to indiscriminately kill: We call this genocide. Genocide is the indiscriminate killing of a group, regardless of who they are, what they have done, how old they are, to kill because they are a member of a species. When Russia invaded Ukraine and proceeded to launch missiles to indiscriminately destroy civilian and military targets, lots of people died. This is genocide.

Genocide elicits a very strong and reprehensible feeling from humans. indiscriminate killing destroys the foundation of our species, so it is natural that people react strongly against it. When Russia kills Ukrainians, most of the world condemned their actions, but not all. China did not condemn Russia, and did not even acknowledge that it was an invasion. On the topic of the indiscriminate killing fellow human beings, there is no room for “sitting o nthe fence”. You either condemn the action or you approve of it.

For China to say that they have not said either way on the topic, because they wish to work towards a negotiated settlement, is untenable. When one group of humans is being indiscriminately killed, how can they negotiate for fellow humans who have perished?

One Chinese academic, Hu Wei, has spoken out against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) lack of voice. I do agree that China needs to condemn the indiscriminate killing of Ukrainians by Russia, or it, too will be ostracized from the greater world. When it comes to genocide, there is no middle ground.

III. China’s Strategic Choice

  1. China cannot be tied to Putin and needs to be cut off as soon as possible.
  2. China should avoid playing both sides in the same boat, give up being neutral, and choose the mainstream position in the world.
  3. China should achieve the greatest possible strategic breakthrough and not be further isolated by the West. Cutting off from Putin and giving up neutrality will help build China’s international image and ease its relations with the U.S. and the West.
  4. China should prevent the outbreak of world wars and nuclear wars and make irreplaceable contributions to world peace.

China says it believes in a different definition of human rights. There is no more important human right than the right to live, to exist. Will China not support the Ukrainian right to life?

There is already a precedent of genocide for China, who is accused of genocide of its Uighur minority group. Though unthinkable, Is it possible that China approves of the Ukrainian genocide, just as it approves of their Uighur one?

Both Russia and China censors criticizm of their Communist Parties. https://Dissent is heavily censored, but some has surfaced, briefly. It seems the innate human principal of protecting fellow human beings is not dead in China, only well hidden. The CCP can control the narrative within China with technology and force, but this does not work outside of its borders, and it will not be able to overcome the human principal of self-preservation.

I urge China to change their stance, to condemn the Russia invasion and killings, and to help stop Russia’s grave mistake. The indiscriminate killing of fellow human beings has always been condemned in human history, and this has helped with the survival of our species. Help. Now.

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