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Retail Gasoline Prices Worldwide vs Canada

This post is to remind myself that we actually have reasonable gas prices here in Toronto, Canada, even at $1.40CAD/litre. If we are to encourage people to drive smaller, more efficient cars, I think gas prices need to ride even more. If the tax from gas would only go towards improving public transit, people would not drive as much, resulting in less road traffic. All money converted to CAD where possible.

Paying Lip Service to Conserving Gas

Cycle Commuting in Sydney, Australia

Cycle Commuting in Sydney, Australia

It is clearly evident by the popularity of large SUVs here in Toronto that many Canadians here merely pay lip service to conserving the world’s diminishing gas supplies.

I see them every day driving their large vehicles to work, the only person in their SUV. Do they think they impress other people? Maybe they feel good driving such a monster? I’m not sure, but they certainly waste a whole lot more gas than they should.

Yahoo Pipes are Awesome RSS Filters

Overwhelming is an understatement when I describe available news on the Internet. Just get on Google’s news section and search for something. If it is anything remotely general, mountains of pages of links will topple out of your monitor and cascade onto your head like a pile of bricks. You then grit your teeth and dig your way out.