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Automobile Software: Unsecure and not upgradeable

As a renter I get to try out a lot of new cars. This is somewhat disconcerting at times because if the UI is not intuitive, this causes me grief. I fumble around, trying to find a requirement, using my experience with other cars as my guide. This is common to not only cars but to any other object as well. One of the fancy features that almost all new cars have is the onboard entertainment system. Most have bluetooth connectivity. The car also have a myriad of independent computers, ranging from IR door unlocking to backup cameras. As a technologist I always wonder if these systems are secure. In the back of my mind I know they are not.

Looking for Witnesses to a Car Crash, Toronto

We are looking for witnesses who saw a car crash in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Saturday August 16 2014 at around 2:30pm. The crash occurred on Sheppard Avenue East, eastbound between Birchmount Avenue and Kennedy Road, right in front of the Walmart.

A lady in a dark coloured Honda ran a red light and hit another car.

Any information would be very helpful. Thank you

Retail Gasoline Prices Worldwide vs Canada

This post is to remind myself that we actually have reasonable gas prices here in Toronto, Canada, even at $1.40CAD/litre. If we are to encourage people to drive smaller, more efficient cars, I think gas prices need to ride even more. If the tax from gas would only go towards improving public transit, people would not drive as much, resulting in less road traffic. All money converted to CAD where possible.