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China’s Belt and Road Initiative BRI: Advantages and Disadvantages

China is expanding its reach with its Belt and Road Initiative. This has been going on for a number of years.

Where third world countries could not get financing for large infrastructure projects, China is willing to provide financing and building of these huge projects. These projects are of great benefit to the host country

  • Host countries get financing for large infrastructure projects that they would not normally be able to afford
  • China has projects that employ Chinese workers and use Chinese products such as steel and equipment. This keeps Chinese workers in China employed.
  • projects get completed and are functional


Mulberry Sorbet Recipe: Easy but Messy

Mulberries, we have in the backyard, compliments of our large black mulberry tree. With it comes the mulberry mess. Well, you either frown or you make the best of the situation. In this case: mulberry sorbet.

It started as a sproutlet at the side of our house. I was unsure if it was actually a mulberry as there were 3 or 4 different types of leaves growing from the same plant. I thought it was, so transplanted it to a sunny location and waited 4 years until it started fruiting. It has been going strong ever since.

Over the Air TV Review: Toronto, Canada

I gave Rogers the heave ho, for both cable and internet, and feel better for it. Scummy, predatory, their service was. Over the air TV has replaced cable. It is not what we are used to, but saves us over $70 each month. Overall I would say that we are much better off without Rogers cable.

Over the air (OTA) TV is not all fantastic, though I did not know all the disadvantages and underestimated the advantages. I will discuss all I learned. With OTA we get 17 channels, which includes a couple of duplicate HD and SD channels, a French channel, though it comes in stunning HD, and a religious channel, also in stunning HD.