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Can you Blow up Your House using a Gas Stove?

Kenmore®/MD 30'' Freestanding Self-Clean Gas Range in White, from Sears. It works very well.

Kenmore®/MD 30” Freestanding Self-Clean Gas Range in White, from Sears. It works very well.

Two years ago I was thinking about buying my first gas stove. A question we had was “How likely is it that we could blow up our house using a gas stove?” I asked a friend if it was possible to blow up your house using a gas stove. He said it was possible, but highly unlikely.

Indeed, we did buy a Sears gas stove and have been happy with its performance. The stove can get your pot really hot, but with lots of control. I doubt we would go back to an electric stove.

Changing your main water shutoff valve: Toronto

The human body is composed of roughly 80% water. To say that fresh water is vital to our existence is quite true. Living in Toronto, Canada, we get our drinking water from our municipal water purification plant and water supply piping system. While those in condominiums and large apartments rely on property management companies to worry about these minute details, the rest of us that live in houses must fend for ourselves. Municipal water arrives from a pipe deep underground, protected from the frost. There is a water shutoff on your front lawn, as well as main water shutoff inside your house. If your main water shutoff has seized shut or open and you cannot turn it in either direction, you will need to replace it. Without a way to shut off the water in your house you risk flooding your house if a water pipe bursts, for whatever reason. Here is how to change your main water shutoff in Toronto, Canada.

House Upgrades: Oct 2011

My entries have been missing these past weeks because life has interrupted my normal routine, shifting me in unplanned directions. I suppose this is how life unfolds. I needed to remove my attic insulation, upgrade a ceiling pot light and vapour barrier, fix the attic vapour barrier, vent my bathroom fans to the outside, redo soffit venting, and then get everything back to normal. I get lemons and then make lemonade.

Reshingling of part of my roof went well. I did not fall off. Dirty yes, but it had to be done.