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QQ International Version is dead: Learn Chinese or Use WeChat

If you are using QQ, the Chinese social media platform, on a PC and want multi-language capability, or at least a language other than Chinese, your days are numbered. The PC program was last updated in 2014 and has been slowly degrading in functionality. There is no foreseeable new version planned. The best you can do is to learn more Chinese and install the Chinese version, or use the Android international version on an Andriod smartphone.

QQ Ceasing operations in Europe, 2018 May 20

It looks like Tencent’s QQ International version will be ceasing operations in Europe, effective 2018 May 20. I am unsure why. I also do not know if this affects WeChat. Perhaps this is about Europe’s new privacy laws, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? I need to do more research. This is from a friend in China. it does look like Tencent’s QQ and Wechat will be pulled from the EU market.

We are sorry to announce that for operational needs from 20 May 2018 QQi will no longer be available in Europe.

China Shames Debtors in Innovative Ways

Here in Canada when someone asks a financial institution for a loan we have companies such as Equifax to check credit worthiness. We also have laws that govern if you default, what happens. In China, government involvement seems to have no bounds.

Small and large companies can go bankrupt if they do not pay back money owed. We have bail bondsmen that will repossess cars, boats and other movable objects.

Old Chinese Stuff in France

Qing dynasty bronze: Rat

Qing dynasty bronze: Rat

Qing dynasty bronze: Rabbit

Qing dynasty bronze: Rabbit

There’s something haunting about these two recently auctioned Qing dynasty bronzes, which were looted when Beijing’s Summer Palace was razed by invading French and British forces in 1860. Usually bronzes don’t do much for me, but these two are captivating. Perchance it is their colourful past, or the kerfuffle they have caused. No matter to them, these two should be returned to China whence they came.